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Online CPA for Entrepreneurs

Online CPA for Entrepreneurs

Congratulations!  You either have or are considering taking the leap and starting your own business.  As seen here, one of the top reasons new businesses fail is due to poor accounting.  Let us help you beat the statistics.  We strive to become a valuable part of your business, helping and advising you as you need it.  It is our goal to teach you and help you understand how the accounting process works and how you can best leverage this information in your decision making process.

See below of a summary of some of the services we can provide you and your new venture.

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Business Entity Setup:

You started a new business, of course you are going to have a lot of questions. Shoot, you might not even know the questions you should be asking. Dealing with various businesses on a day-to-day basis has led us to experience what works and what does not. From initial entity type selection and incorporating documents to bookkeeping and how to pay yourself; let us guide, educate, and assist you through the process. We have formed strategic relationships with attorneys whom can assist in completing all the documents you need.

Tax Preparation:

Taxes.  Everybody hates them but we all pay them.  Don’t waste your valuable time trying to navigate the complex internal revenue code.  Leave that work to us, the specialists.  We will assist you in preparing your year-end taxes as well as planning for future years.  Based on our years of experience, we will provide advice and suggestions to help mitigate your total tax expense as much as possible.  We will meet with you in whatever fashion you like to gain a thorough understanding of your business now and where you want it to go.

Accounting Software Selection and Setup:

Every business operates differently and needs something different out of an accounting software.  Whether it be report generation or simple bookkeeping, each accounting software brings something different to the table.  With years of experience of all the accounting software out there, we know the ins and outs of each.  We want to gain an understanding of exactly what it is you need in order to provide a recommendation of the software that best meets those demands.  Additionally, we will assist you in the initial software setup including chart of accounts, invoicing, payroll etc.

Bookkeeping and Training:

As seen here, lack of proper accounting/bookkeeping is one of the top reasons new businesses fail.  The day-to-day bookkeeping is one of the most important tools for you as a new business owner to utilize.  Our one-on-one training will teach you how to handle the daily bookkeeping entries: recording of bills, creating of invoices, writing checks, receiving revenues, etc.  We will teach you how to create and generate income statements (profit and loss), balance sheets, and statements of cash flow and you how to read them.  Additionally, we will show you and inform you of what needs to be done on a monthly and annual basis.  If this seems like too big of a task for you to take on as you focus your energy on business development, let us take over and we will ensure everything is in line.

Management/Investor Reports:

This service converts your financial information into professional reports highlighting key performance indicators, ratios and results against industry averages.  We are able to provide industry averages nationally, regionally, and within your state.  These comparatives provide insight on how your business stacks up against the competition and where the opportunities for improvement lie.  Like a compilation, these are used for internal management, board of director, and investor review and analysis.  The provide direct analysis and ratios of operations.  These are a great complementing report to your balance sheet and profit and loss.  Contact us for a sample report today.

Financial Projections:

Knowing where you stand financially is important for current operations.  Knowing where you are headed is key to planning operations and obtaining investments.  Combining our years of experience with businesses and our knack for identifying trends and analyzing financial situations, we are able to assist you in generating detailed financial projections.  The financial projection reports we generate will be well organized with supporting documentation for you to use in assessing your operations going forward or provide directors and investors for credibility in your search for advice and funds.

CFO Services:

So your business has taken off and you don’t have the time yet to sit down and learn the accounting.  You plan on hiring someone full time eventually, once cash flows are better, to handle all that for you.  Or, your prior CFO left and there is a void until the new guy can start.  We provide CFO services on a contractual basis to meet whatever need it is you have.  We will bring advice and suggestions to the table based on our years of experience with very successful small and large businesses.  Contact us today for more information on what we can bring to the table.

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