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Services for Businesses

Services for Businesses

What We Do:

At CPA Your Way we strive to create a relationship in which you can, and do, call us with whatever questions you have, whenever you have them.  Our goal is to be a valuable and reliable asset to you and your business.

We have summarized a sample of the services we provide below with a brief description of each.  Contact us with any questions you might have about any of our services or rates.

For rates and fees, we like to work on a set price basis.  We are not going to bill you based on hours of time put in or for each item we research for you.  The fee we quote you is the fee you will pay.

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Business Setup:

You started a new business, of course you are going to have a lot of questions. Shoot, you might not even know the questions you should be asking. Dealing with various businesses on a day-to-day basis has led us to experience what works and what does not. From initial entity type selection and incorporating documents to bookkeeping and how to pay yourself; let us guide, educate, and assist you through the process. We have formed strategic relationships with attorneys whom can assist in completing all the documents you need.

Business Tax:

Taxes.  Everybody hates them but we all pay them.  Don’t waste your valuable time trying to navigate the complex internal revenue code.  Leave that work to us, the specialists.  We will assist you in preparing your year-end taxes as well as planning for future years.  Based on our years of experience, we will provide advice and suggestions to help mitigate your total tax expense as much as possible.  We will meet with you in whatever fashion you like to gain a thorough understanding of your business now and where you want it to go.

Accounting Consulting:

One of the major reasons new businesses and startups fail is due to lack of properly accounting for their financial information.  This often is caused as a result of not understanding how or what you need to do from the beginning.  We provide accounting consulting services in which we spend the time to help you set up your accounting and payroll software, organize your balance sheet and income statement, establish internal control policies, and provide advice as to best practices.  We will meet with you via skype or conference call to gain an understanding as to what it is that best will suit you and your business’ needs.  From there we will provide advice based on our years of experience across various industries.

Financial Audit Preparation:

The year-end audit is a stressful experience for all accountants and businesses.  Nobody enjoys having people sifting through their work and pointing out what they did wrong.  Our team members have years of experience performing financial statement audits of large and small for profit businesses and non-profits.  We understand what the auditors are looking for and how to best help you prepare those items.  We assist you in finalizing your year-end accounting work and providing organization to your documentation to cut down the amount of time your external auditor should need to perform their work.  Less time spent by the auditors means you should save money.


A compilation is the service in which we prepare your accounting records into the form of financial  statements.  This will provide you with clean, professional financial statements that will lend to you and your business’s credibility.  These can include or exclude footnotes, depending on your needs and requirements.  Many businesses utilize compiled financial statements for internal management reporting, review and analysis.  Additionally, oftentimes businesses will provide compiled financial statements to their investors and board of directors as they provide a more professional overview of operations compared to simply printing the information out of your accounting software.  Banks and creditors also will request the business to provide compiled financial statements with their applications or renewals.  Contact us for a sample financial statement today.

Management Reports:

Like a compilation, this service converts your financial information into professional reports highlighting key performance indicators, ratios and results against industry averages.  We are able to provide industry averages nationally, regionally, and within your state.  These comparatives provide insight on how your business stacks up against the competition and where the opportunities for improvement lie.  Like a compilation, these are used for internal management and board of directors’ review and analysis.  These differ from compilations in that they provide more direct analysis and ratios as opposed to side-by-side comparison of operations.  These are a great complementing report to your compiled financial statements.  Contact us for a sample report today.


Anyone can call themselves a bookkeeper, there is no standard qualifications for doing so.  Yet the day-to-day bookkeeping is one of the most important tools for you as a business owner to utilize.  It is key to have an efficient, accurate bookkeeper inputting your data so that you can evaluate your business\\\’ cash flows and financial position on demand.  The more accurate your books are at year end, the less time your tax preparer needs to input which should equate to a lesser fee.  We can assist you in setting up your books to best aid your bookkeeper in this quest or even handle your daily, weekly, or monthly bookkeeping as your business demands it.  We are knowledgeable in the majority of accounting softwares and can recommend the best one for your business\\\’ needs.

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